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Monster – 몬스터

monster, korean drama, tv seriesThis Korean Drama “Monster – 몬스터” a man who fights against greed, and experiences every hardship and adversity known to man in order to make something of himself and find love.

Other Title: 폭군 / Tyrant
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance, Thriller, TV Series, Korean Drama
Release Date: 28 March 2016
Running Time: 50 Episodes
Director: Joo Sung-woo
Stars / Cast:


Kang Ji-hwan Kang Ki-tan / Lee Guk-cheolBorn Lee Guk-cheol, he was the heir to Sudo Hospital, until the deaths of his parents and aunt. He survived several murder attempts against him, but lost everything and became a beggar. Blinded by the car accident that killed his parents, Guk-cheol’s sense of hearing is heightened to superhuman levels, an ability he would continue to possess as an adult. Years later, he undergoes surgery to cure his blindness and change his appearance. He obtains a new identity – Kang Ki-tan, using it to exact revenge on those responsible for his predicament. Later in the series, he is adopted by Jo Ki-ryang, the leader of Huaping after he takes a bullet for him. With the latter’s financial backing, Ki-tan starts his own company, KT Corporation, with plans to take over Dodo Group and complete his revenge.
Sung Yu-riOh Soo-yeon / Cha Jeong-eunAs a teenager, Cha Jeong-eun met Guk-cheol when she worked as his maid. Guk-cheol begin to develop feelings for her but circumstances separated the two. Many years later, she now goes by the name Oh Soo-yeon. She meets Kang Ki-tan, but both are unaware of their shared past together due to both of them having adopted new identities. She is somewhat materialistic, stemming from her struggles to make ends meet to pay for her autistic younger brother’s medical fees. Later in the series, she starts up a law firm with Min Byung-ho.
Park Ki-woongDo Gun-wooHe is the illegitimate son of Dodo Group’s chairman. Gun-woo lived in America for most of his youth, having murdered his abusive stepfather and witnessed his mother commit suicide. Byun Il-jae brings him back to Korea with the intention of using him as a tool to topple Dodo Group’s chairman and take the company for himself. As one of Dodo Group’s new recruits, Gun-woo develops a mutual rivalry with Kang Ki-tan. After Do Choong finds out that Gun-woo is his illegitimate son, he takes Gun-woo under his wing and promotes him to Vice Chairman of Dodo Group.
Claudia KimYoo Seong-aeNIS agent who has been tasked with infiltrating Dodo Group.

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